About Us


The “União de Bartenders e Cocktails de Macau” is set to be the largest network of professional bartenders resident in Macau and is setting the standard for the profession throughout this Special Administrative Region. The UBCM is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 by a group of professionals.

With the resurgence and ever increasing popularity of the cocktail, there is a high demand for creative and professional bartenders. Bars are using higher quality spirits and mixers as well as fresh fruits and juices and are seeking to hire knowledgeable and imaginative bartenders to create and serve them. As an industry leader the UBCM is responsible for raising the bar and creating new trends to keep our competitive edge has Macau’s tourism industry grows and the quality demand increases.

Our Association is made up of exceptional bartenders who take great pride in the cocktails they serve and the art & craft of mixology, as well as transmitting this knowledge to the younger generation.

We are focused on registering UBCM in the International Bartenders Association (IBA), by following their educational and organizational standards. By this we hope in a near future to have local people representing Macau on an international level.


The UBCM Mission Statement

The “União de Bartenders e Cocktails de Macau” is an organization of beverage service professionals dedicated to the continued refinement of our craft. Such refinement is achieved through advanced product education; original hand crafted cocktail competitions; and aggressive involvement with other professionals in the beverage industry throughout Macau and internationally. It is our intention, desire and main focus to become the most skilled, knowledgeable and professional group of bartenders in the industry.



  • to promote bartenders from Macau in the world, by being a registered and active member of IBA (International Bartenders Association);
  • to promote generally the interest of the trade in which members are engaged by encouraging a higher standard of conduct and competence;
  • to assist in the training and support of trainee bartenders;
  • to provide for the registration of new cocktails by means of cocktail competitions, organize and cooperate in such social and trade events and competitions for its members as the Management Committee may from time to time decide;
  • to publish and supply to its members newsletters, trade magazines or such other publications that may be published on a regular basis from time to time;
  • to do all such other lawful things the Management Committee may deem to be in the interest of the Association.